Convert PDF file to ClassF compatible TIFF files

Hello veryPDF,
Our FAX cannot recognize TIFF image with Group 3 Fax (CCIT FAX3)
compression converted by easyPDF SDK.
As for Group 3 Fax (CCIT FAX3) compression, "Compression" tag should be
"3" and "Group3Options" tag has to be written in the TIFF data.
However the created TIFF image does not have Group3Options tag.
I assume that is why our FAX cannot recognize the TIFF image
as correct format of Group 3 Fax (CCIT FAX3) compression.
Is CCITT FAX GROUP3 supposed to output Class F compatible format?


PDF to Image SDK does support following compression methods,

#define        COMPRESSION_NONE        1    /* dump mode */
#define        COMPRESSION_CCITTRLE    2    /* CCITT modified Huffman RLE */
#define        COMPRESSION_CCITTFAX3   3    /* CCITT Group 3 fax encoding */
#define        COMPRESSION_CCITTFAX4   4    /* CCITT Group 4 fax encoding */
#define        COMPRESSION_LZW         5       /* Lempel-Ziv  & Welch */
#define        COMPRESSION_JPEG        7    /* %JPEG DCT compression */
#define        COMPRESSION_PACKBITS    32773    /* Macintosh RLE */
#define        COMPRESSION_CLASSF                88888888
#define        COMPRESSION_CLASSF196            88888889
#define        COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X98_G3        88888886
#define        COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X196_G3    88888887
#define        COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X98_G4        88888888
#define        COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X196_G4    88888889

COMPRESSION_CCITTFAX3  is can only compress TIFF file with CCITT Group 3 fax encoding, however, it can’t general ClassF compatible TIFF files, if you wish create ClassF compatible TIFF files, you need use following compression types,


these compression types will able convert PDF file to ClassF compatible TIFF files, please refer to following example source code,

        nResult = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,"C:\\204x98_g3.tif",NULL,NULL,200,200,1, COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X98_G3,100,FALSE,TRUE,-1,-1);

        nResult = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,"C:\\204x196_g3.tif",NULL,NULL,200,200,1, COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X196_G3,100,FALSE,TRUE,-1,-1);

        nResult = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,"C:\\204x98_g4.tif",NULL,NULL,200,200,1, COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X98_G4,100,FALSE,TRUE,-1,-1);

        nResult = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,"C:\\204x196_g4.tif",NULL,NULL,200,200,1, COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X196_G4,100,FALSE,TRUE,-1,-1);


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