How to add lines when stitch PDF pages?

VeryPDF PDF Stitch aims to help you put multiple PDF pages on a piece of paper. it can also help you add lines and change the line color when stitch pages. The following screenshots show the effects.

image add lines when stitch PDF pages image

VeryPDF PDF Stitch provides a GUI version and a command line version. The command line version is included in the installation package of the GUI version. After you download and install VeryPDF PDF Stitch, you can find the execution file in the installation directory. The basic usage and some options that are going to be used later are as follows:

Usage:  pdfstitch [options] <input file> <output file>

Some options:

  • -pr <int,int,...>        : set page range.
  • -per <int*int>           : define how to put mulitple input pages per sheet.
  • -gx <int unit>           : Add vertical gaps between adjacent pages on every sheet.
  • -gy <int unit>           : Add horizontal gaps between adjacent pages on every sheet.
  • -addline <int,int,int>:   add lines. <int,int,int> refer to the RGB values that can be used to define the line color. R stands for red, G stands for Green and B refers to Blue.

For example, if you want to add blue lines as the third screenshot above, you can type a command line as following,

pdfstith.exe -pr 1-6 -per 2*2 -gx 40 mm -gy 40 mm -addline 0 0 238 input.pdf output.pdf

  • pdfstith.exe is the file name of the execution file.
  • -pr 1-6 only cut pages from 1 to 6. The rest pages remain.
  • -per 2*2  put four pages per sheet.
  • -gx 40 mm -gy 40 mm add gaps between adjacent pages per sheet. the width of each gap is 40 mm.
  • -addline 0 0 238 add lines between adjacent pages. The RGB values 0 0 238 represent blue.

VeryPDF PDF Stitch can run well under Windows and Mac operating systems. You can download it here:

You may need to cut PDF pages and crop PDF pages, You can get them from

Tips: If you want to view more color RGB values, please visit

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