How to convert PDF to image(JPG/PNG/BMP) of specific threshold

Please do not hesitate to use VeryPDF PDF to Document Converter for Mac, which is not only a tool to convert PDF to image, to fulfill conversion from PDF file to image of JPG/PNG/BMP of specific threshold in Mac OS X. πŸ™‚

For this software has still been designed and rectified for Mac users for smooth operations, and it is not put in software market, if you are interested in it, just get an overview of this tool here:

VeryPDF PDF to Document Converter for Mac has been designed to mainly convert PDF to document with related properties, e.g., PDF field for conversion, image PDF OCR for editable Document, etc.. And of course, this software allows you to make part of PDF or entire PDF page converted into image file of JPG/BMP/PNG conveniently and instantly in specific image threshold. πŸ™‚ The following paragraphs unfold how to realize conversion from PDF file to image with specific threshold with this powerful tool in Mac OS X:

Step1. Open software and add PDF

Double-click shortcut to open software, then click Import on toolbar > select right PDF file and click Open in pop dialog box on screen, after software processes adding, you can find PDF page thumbnails, PDF current page preview could appear in operation panel and output panel, and the following snapshot shows you more details:

Import PDF file for converting PDF to image of specific threshold in Mac OS X

Step2. Change threshold of PDF

After adding PDF file successfully, you can click Change Threshold on toolbar, and then, program offers you a panel for you to change threshold:

Drag slider on slide bar, then, targeting threshold value in edit-box Threshold could be changed flexibly, and then, along with adjustment with slider, there could be preview on operation panel, and after you get proper value, just click OK to make threshold effective as set just now, and also, this panel can disappear directly.

Moreover, to preview threshold adjustment on operation panel more clearly, please select buttons on toolbar above page preview, which are shown as contained in blue rectangle in following snapshot, which indicates more information mentioned above:

Change threshold of image during converting PDF to image in Mac OS X

Step3. Output image content in threshold field

After adjustment of threshold, to output threshold PDF, you need to click Draw Rectangle on toolbar > draw a rectangle on preview page to cover content you want to output into image later > click right button of mouse on rectangle to select Save Image on dropdown list, and here is snapshot about what were mentioned above:

Output rectangle and save it as image during converting PDF to image of specific threshold in Mac OS X

Step4. Save selected rectangle in JPG/BMP/PNG format

After click on Save Image, program provides another dialog box, and for us, we could name targeting file in edit-box Save As, choose destination folder in edit-box Where and set file type as BMP/JPG/PNG in Files of type, and finally, to make software produce image and add it into destination folder, please click Save, here is snapshot about popping dialog box:

Save image as JPG/BMP/PNG in conversion from PDF to image of specific threshold in Mac OS X

And here is snapshot about produced PNG file:

Generated image file after converting PDF to image in Mac OS X

In the end, as mentioned in the beginning, VeryPDF PDF to Document Converter for Mac has still been in rectification for Mac users’ smooth utilization in supported features, e.g., converting PDF file to document file, and for any inquiries, please leave your comments here; for better experience on conversion from PDF file to document or PDF file to image file in software promotion, please share with us through comments or πŸ™‚

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