How to use virtual printer together with PDFprint?

  If you are VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line user, you may know that by the latest version PDFprint, converting files of OpenOffice Documents, MS Office Documents, HTML Documents, image formats and others directly to paper documents is available. However, most of the parameters of this software are not available when the input format is not PDF. If you can use virtual printer together with PDFprint, then you can print any printable files to PDF and use parameters of PDFprint to do the paper printing job.

   In the following part, I will show you how to use VeryPDF virtual printers together with PDFprint. There are some virtual printers available on VeryPDF: PDFcamp virtual printer, docPrint PDF virtual printer.

Step 1. Download Virtual Printer and PDFprint

  • Here I will download PDFcamp virtual printer for example. Once downloading finishes, there will be an exe file. Please install it by double clicking the exe file and then find this software in the printer list.
  • Download PDFprint. This software is command line application, once downloading finishes, it is an zip file. Please unzip it and then you can find the executable file in extracted folder.

Step 2. Print Files by Virtual Printer together with PDFprint

Usage: pdfprint.exe [options] [Options] <PDF Files>

  • There are some examples for your reference about how to use virtual printer together with PDFprint.
    pdfprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer"  C:\input.doc
    pdfprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer"  C:\input.ppt
    pdfprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer"  C:\input.xls
    pdfprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer" " C:\input.odt
    pdfprint.exe -printer "PDFcamp Printer"  C:\input.rtf
    pdfprint.exe -printer "docPrint"  C:\
    pdfprint.exe -printer "docPrint" C:\input.html
    pdfprint.exe -printer "docPrint"  C:\input.ppsx
    pdfprint.exe -printer "docPrint" C:\input.xml
    By the above command line, you can print any printable files to PDF. When print files to PDF the printing parameters of PDFprint are available. The principle of virtual printer is nearly the same. By virtual printing, the printed PDF will keep all the elements in source input file.
  • Now let us check how to print PDF by PDFprint. There are some examples for your reference.

    pdfprint.exe -scalex 0 -scaley 0 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -scalex -1 -scaley -1 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -duplex 3 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -color 1 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -xres 600 -yres 600 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -xres -4 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -xoffset 200 -yoffset 200 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -scale 50 C:\input.pdf
    pdfprint.exe -shell -shelltime 5000 C:\input.pdf
    Part of the parameters:
    -yres <int>                  : specify the printer y-resolution
    -xoffset <int>               : specify a page offset in the horizontal axis
    -yoffset <int>               : specify a page offset in the vertical axis
    -collate <int>               : specify whether collation should be used when
         printing multiple copies, 0 is disable and 1 is enable
    -scale <int>                 : specify the factor by which the printed output
         is to be scaled, The apparent page size is scaled from the physical page
         size by a factor of scale/100.

    If you need to know more parameters and functions, please check details in the readme.pdf document. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.


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