I am looking for a Document Printer which can save the document in PDF in our preferred Location

I am looking for a Document Printer which can save the document in PDF in our preferred Location.Kindly let me know the development SDK Link to download and try for it in Trail.

Thanks for your message, please download "Document Printer SDK (docPrint SDK)" from following web page to try,


"docPrint-sdk.zip" is include C#, VB, .NET etc. examples, you can compile and run these examples for testing easily.

If you have any question, please refer to more articles from our Knowledge Base,


I had downloaded the above, but there is NO .NET Samples on that. Can you send the file to me?

You can also refer to more examples from following web page, this web page is contain C# and other examples,


Please refer to a simple example at below,

Example 6: Run conversion via "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

Please by following steps to run conversion via "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

1. Please login your server via Remote Desktop under Administrator user account (or other user accounts who own Administrator right),

2. Please run "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

"C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\docPrint_Service.exe"

3. Call RunCmd() method to deliver a command line to "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

PHP example,

$com = new COM("DocPrintCom.docPrint");
$com->docPrintCOM_Register("XXXXXXXXXXXXXX","VeryPDF.com Inc.");
$com->RunCmd("-i https://www.verypdf.com -o C:\\test\\output.pdf -* XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -d -O 2 -s ShowHTMLStatusBar=1 -l 10000", 0);

VB example,

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Set docPrint = CreateObject("DocPrintCom.docPrint")
nRet = docPrint.docPrintCOM_Register("XXXXXXXXXXXXXX", "VeryPDF.com Company")
nRet = docPrint.RunCmd("-i https://www.verypdf.com -o C:\output.pdf -* XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -d -O 2 -s ShowHTMLStatusBar=1 -l 10000", 0)
MsgBox "Return value = " & Str(nRet)
End Sub

4. Close Remote Desktop and leave this user logged in.

*Please Notice: After you reboot the server, you need login your server via Remote Desktop with this user account ("docPrint_Service.exe" was installed inside this user account), and close Remote Desktop, leave this user logged in, when you call RunCmd() function, the conversion will be executed from this user account automatically.


The following is a C# example to call docPrint Pro v6.0 application by "DocPrintComExe.docPrint" COM,

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.ComponentModel;

using System.Data;

using System.Drawing;

using System.Linq;

using System.Text;

using System.Windows.Forms;

using docPrintComExe;

using System.IO;


namespace CSharp_WindowsFormsApplication


    public partial class Form1 : Form


        public Form1()





        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


            string appPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(Application.ExecutablePath);

            string strInFile = "https://www.verypdf.com";

            string strOutFile = appPath + "\\_test_out.pdf";

            string strLicenseKey = "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX";


            string strCmd = "-* " + strLicenseKey + " -s \"htmlheader=VeryPDF Page Header\" -s \"htmlfooter=VeryPDF Page Footer\" -s PrintHTMLBackground=1 -i \"" + strInFile + "\" -o \"" + strOutFile + "\"";


            System.Type VeryPDFType = System.Type.GetTypeFromProgID("DocPrintComExe.docPrint");

            docPrintComExe.docPrint VeryPDFCom = (docPrintComExe.docPrint)System.Activator.CreateInstance(VeryPDFType);

            int nRet = VeryPDFCom.docPrintCOM_Register(strLicenseKey, "VeryPDF.com Company");



            nRet = VeryPDFCom.RunCmd(strCmd, true);

            MessageBox.Show("Conversion finished.");






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