How to extract odd pages from PDF file and save to a new PDF file?

I have been a very happy user of VeryPDF and using the command line but now I have another need to take a PDF and extract the odd pages into a single document. I know there is the ability to do this from command line but the format for my special hotfolder I created does needs me to have spaces between parameters. Long story short. it looks like I can purchase PDF Toolbox Command line and accomplish this but with the demo download I cannot figure out how to do it. I have a EvenOdd.pdf and I want to extract only the odd pages to ODD.pdf. Can you give me the command line for it?

Hi I think I figured this out. In my case our hotfoldering program puts spaces between parameters. The solution was to create a batch file and so instead of our program trying to directly drive VeryPDF 3.0 we call a batch file and the syntax is compatible with our program. So call batch and then pass command line values each separated in by space which makes it compatible with batch file requirement.
in essence we open batch file call VeryPDF space output directory\#n#x (this is our programs variable for file name and extension.)


The batch file has this command path to pdfpg.exe %1,odd %2

The %1 and %2 come from our hotfolder manager as document name and output directory.

To much information but I think I got it now.

thanks even though I solved myself.
Congratulations on finding a solution, if you need any help please feel free to let us know, thanks.


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