I can not get correct page count from PCL file

we are facing problem when we print any c# source code from within
VB2008 IDE.

For example, copies show on the printer pages properties is 4, printed
from printer is 4. but your software also showed bwPagecopy as 2.

attached is the spl file.

the same thing happened when we print other source code from VB2008

The latest version of "Spool File Page Counter SDK" does return
following information,

Page   1 is [   BW]
Page   2 is [   BW]
Page   3 is [   BW]
Page   4 is [   BW]
Statistics: bwPageCount=4, colorPageCount=0
File = 'D:\temp\00103.pcl'
Return Value = TRUE
bIsRenderToPDF = 1
bwPageCount = 4
colorPageCount = 0
copyCount = 1
PageWidht = 2159
PageHeight = 2794
PaperSizeName = 'LETTER'

The "bwPageCount = 4" is in the log message, this is right.

If you have purchased "Spool File Page Counter SDK" product, please
email to us your Order ID, we will send the latest version of "Spool
File Page Counter SDK" product to you free if you are still available
in upgrade period.

when I run my program in your bin folder, it is OK.
but when I run in the bin folder i created, i get error.
maybe i missed some files. attached is my file list.

can u help me check if i missed some files.


You have missed a "fonts" folder, please copy "fonts" folder to your "bin" folder to try again.


thanks. this solve my problem.
Thank you for your message


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One Reply to “I can not get correct page count from PCL file”

  1. I am interested in testing the functionality (echoing color/bw by page) demonstrated in the sample:
    E:\\ps-and-pcl-info-sdk\\bin\\C#_ParsingTest.exe D:\\temp\\TestDoc.pdf

    I see that this functionality is contained in the call to ReadInfoFromPCLFile. The output of this function does not contain this data, only the count. How can I get access to the listing of pages in color and the listing of pages in black & white?

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