How to get correct page count from XPS and .SPL files?


I'm working on a c# application that needs to analyse a .spl file in order to get some information about print jobs, to be more specific, I would like to have Page-Level colour detection in spool files since such information is not present on windows spooler API.

That when I came across verypdf API, I download the trial version of Spool File Page Counter SDK and made some tests with C-Sharp-AnyCPU project, basically I'm pausing the printing job when its spooled and analyzing the .spl file to get the correct page count.

The problem is that the API works well when the file is pooled as an EMF format, but when is RAW (most of them are) it gets all messy and wrong.

Is there any way to analyze .spl RAW files? can I convert the .spl to PCL or PS depending on the printer driver? 



VeryPDF Spool File Page Counter SDK,

Thanks for your message, yes, you are right, Spool File Page Counter SDK does support EMF-SPL, Postscript, PCL (include PCL-5C, PCL-5E, PCL-XL), PDF, EMF Spooling formats, it doesn't support RAW Spool format, because RAW format is just a binary format, it's not a specific file format like PDF, PS, PCL or EMF-SPL formats, so it's impossible to analyze the RAW format and read the information from RAW format, please understand this matter.

Yes, I do understand that.

I made some other tests, it looks like the SDK is able to get the right page counter when the files are spooled as PCL or PostScript by the printers driver, but not when is XPS.

In other words, when there are PostScript or PCL codes inside the .spl file it works properly, but if is a XPS inside de .spl it gets all information wrong.

I sending my the .SPL file that is not being counted properly.

I notice that your site says that XPS support is included within the SDK,


Thanks for message, the latest version of Spool File Page Counter SDK does already support the XPS format, it can read the page count and page size information from XPS files, you may download the latest version of Spool File Page Counter SDK from our website to try again,


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