Substitute fonts in PCL to PDF Converter product

Hi again,

just to give you an example of what I mean, in attachment to this you will find an image containing the comparison between the original pdf file (maggio_2011.pdf) and the compiled one (clear_buffer.pdf, obtained compiling clear_buffer.pcl with your library).

I highlighted in red only a subset of the differences you can find in the entire page.

I also have another old question for you.

The 11th of August I sent you an email regarding the need to use the old/italic/underlined version of some font ("What if I need to use the bold version of Arial or the italic one?") and the day after you answered me in this way:

"WinFont" doesn't support bold or italic fonts, however, you can choose "Arial Rounded MT" or other special fonts to make the fonts look "bold", we hoping this solution will helpful to you.

Also, you can also use "WinFont=Arial,Bold" to instead of "WinFont=Arial Bold" to try again, will you work better with "WinFont=Arial,Bold" format?

I tried to use "WinFont=Arial,Bold", but didn't work.

So I  have also this problem, because I must use, for instance, bold font or italic ones. It's mandatory for me.
If your library doesn't support bold/italic fonts, can you give me a trick/workaround to map bold-italic-underlined windows fonts? If not, I'm not sure I can use your library for my job.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for your image file, we can see the difference completely now.

Please look at attached PDF file, this PDF file was created by following command line, without "-mapfont" option,

test.exe D:\temp\clear_buffer.pcl D:\temp\clear_buffer.pcl2.pdf

this PDF file seems no difference compare to maggio_2011.pdf file, please refer to the compare.png screenshot in attachment.

Also, mapfont.ini file doesn't support Italic and Bold font styles yet, we will try to support Italic and Bold font styles in the future releases.

without "-mapfont" option some of the font differences disappeared, but others still remain.

In attachment there's a png file where you can find other differences I found. I don't know how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.
You can use mapfont.ini file to replace "URWGothicL-Demi" font to "Arial" font, please refer to the new mapfont.ini file in attachment.

You can use following example source code to use mapfont.ini file,

Char *lpCmd = "-mapfont D:\\verypdf\\mapfont.ini D:\\temp\\clear_buffer.pcl D:\\temp\\clear_buffer.pcl.pdf";

However, because mapfont.ini file doesn't support Bold Style, so it can't use Arial font with the Bold Style, this is a limitation in the current version of mapfont module, we will try to support font style in mapfont module in the future, we will send the new version to you free when it ready.

mapfont.ini file,




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