How can I create high quality DCX files from a Word document?

DCX is the file format used for storing multi-page PCX images. DCX is a file extension for a bitmap or a raster graphics file format used by Multipage PCX. DCX files derived from PCX, one of the first Microsoft DOS image formats. PCX initially only supported 16 color and had to be modified to hold the color palette at the end of the file due to there not being enough space in the header for color palettes greater than sixteen color. DCX format is used by some computer fax and document management programs..

You can use VeryPDF docPrintVeryPDF docPrint Pro, etc to create high quality DCX files from a Word document. You can find the mentioned applications at Please download the free versions to try and select the proper one. The following part of this article will show you how to use VeryPDF docPrint to create DCX files from a Word document. You can do as following:

Step 1:  input the Word document to VeryPDF  docPrint.

  • 1.1 Open the Word document in MS Office ;
  • 1.2 Press  Ctrl+P  to open the Print dialog box;
  • 1.3 Select docPrint as the printer in the Print dialog box;


  • 1.4 Press OK in the Print dialog box , then two dialog boxes will pop out. The big one is the docPrint dialog box, in which you can view the document; The small one is the Option Setting dialog box, which you can add watermark, add page number, add frame, etc. This time, you do not need the little Option Setting dialog box, so you can leave it alon, or just close it.


Step 2: set color parameters.

  • 2.1 Click the printer icon on the tool bar in the the docPrint dialog box to open the Save as dialog box.

In the Save as dialog box, two combo boxes titled Color Depth and Resolution concern the quality of image.


Color depth is the number of bits used to represent the color  of a single pixel. Color depth can range from 1-bit of information to 24- or 32-bits of information. Though, the higher the color depth, the bigger the size if graphic files; the 16-, 24- and 32-bit images can offer more realistic detail than 1-bit , 4-bit  and 8-bit images.  Below is the illustration on how the same image might appear with different color depth:


Image resolution describes the detail an image holds. Basically, resolution quantifies how close lines can be to each other and still be visibly resolved. The examples illustrated below show  how the same image might appear at different pixel resolutions


  • 2.2 If you want to create high quality DCX file, you should set 32-bit as the color depth in the Color Depth combo box, and set 6ooX600 dpi as the resolution in the Resolution combo box.

Step 3: Export high quality DCX files.

3.1 Select DCX File(*.DCX ) in the Save as typecombo box.

3.2 Type the name in the File nameedit box.

3.3 Select the directory to store the new DCX file in the Save in  combo box and list box.

3.4  Press Saveto create a high quality DCX file from a Word document


Follow the three steps listed above, you can create a high quality DCX file from Word document. To learn more about how to use docPrint, you can read articles at To download VeryPDF products, you can visit .

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