How to print PDF to any paper size via command line?

VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line is an amazing application which can be used to print PDF to any paper size by the means of command line. It is a stand-alone software application, which does not require the Adobe environment. Hence, there is no Adobe product installed in your computer, you can use VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line to print PDF files in a very convenient way. VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line is available at the following website: can free download this PDF software application; you can try the free trial version of this PDF software application, and buy it from this website.

The following will introduce a method to print PDF to any paper size via command line. First of all, let’s shed light on the command -paper <string>, which is an essential component of the command line you need to enter in the prompt. -paper is the command which represents paper size. <string> represents character stinger which should be marked by quotes, and it is the parameter of paper size which is defined by users. For instance, you can use a command like -paper "11x17in", or -paper "215.9x279.4mm" to define any paper size.

Now, let’s see how to print PDF to any paper size via command line:

First, you should run command prompt. Usually, four steps are required: Click “Start”; > click “Run”; > enter “cmd” (without square brackets) in the “Run” dialog box; > press “OK” to close the “Run” dialog box and the command prompt is supposed to pop up on the computer screen instantly.


The following is the powerful black and white command prompt, and the default directory is “C:\Documents and Settings\admin>”.


Second, you should type a command line in the following pattern:

pdfprint.exe -paper <string> <PDF Files>

For instance, if both the folder containing the executable file pdfprint.exe and the PDF file you want to print have been placed in the root folder “D:\”, in another word, on disk D, you should enter the following command line in the prompt:

D:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe -paper "300×500mm" D:\top2011.pdf

  • D:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe ----the path to call the executable file titled “pdfprint.exe”;
  •  -paper ---- is the essential command you need to set the paper size.
  •  "300×500mm" (with quotes) ---- the paper size you want to set. You can also enter any value like "435×678mm" instead of "300×500mm" to define the paper size.
  •  D:\top2011.pdf ---- the directory of the selected PDF file. Of course you can enter the directory of the PDF file you want to print in your computer instead of it.

Third, you can hit the “Enter” key on the keyboard to provoke the printer to print PDF files to the paper size set by you. A Paper definition for VeryPDF products is available at this website. You can refer to the list if it is necessary.

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