VeryPDF Page Master

VeryPDF Page Master is an easy-to-use handy tool which is able to master your pdf pages, including removing, cutting, copying, moving, pasting, inserting, rotating, etc. pages. The friendly user interface enables to understand and master the operation steps easily and fast. To master pdf pages, you just need to open the application and then click each button in the toolbar.

There are several main features that VeryPDF Page Master is able to realize shown in the following contents and you can evaluate them. If you are interested in this developing application, you can bring up your ideas for it.

Key features of VeryPDF Page Master

1. List input pdf document in preview window

When you add one pdf document into the application, you can see all the thumbnails of the pages are listed on the left of the interface and when you click any one of the page, you can see the detailed preview on the right. You can zoom in or out the current previewed page, make it fit height or width, or jump to other page.

2. Master pages

Just by one click, you can move the current previewed page before the former page or behind the later page. One button allows you to copy page or cut page. Also, one click enables to paste page or delete page.

3. Insert page

You can choose the number, size, position and orientation when you want to insert page. You can also choose where you want to insert the page, before or behind the current page, before or behind some special page, or start from some specified page and set an inserting interval.

4. Rotate page

You can use Page Master to rotate page. It allows you to choose some single page, odd or even pages, landscape or portrait pages and set page range. You can also set the start page and set the page interval to rotate. The rotation angle can be set as 90, 180 and 270 degree.

5. Resize page

You can resize the page by choosing the current page, selecting odd or even pages, setting page range or specify page interval. You can use the page size supplied by the application or customize the width and height yourself. Of course, the page orientation can be chosen.

6. Merge page

If you want to merge pages, please use this function. You can choose the pages that you want to merge together, odd or even pages, landscape or portrait pages, page range or you can input the pages manually.

7. Master page in batch

You can add a batch of pdf documents into VeryPDF Page Master and then you can resize, rotate and insert page to all of those documents together by setting parameters at first.

If you have any advices or ideas about this application and want to use it for free, please leave your messages or contact our support team. You are really able to use this application without any payment if your ideas are adopted.

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