How to print PDF to XPS and set resolution for printer

The command line application VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line is able to print PDF to XPS file by printing PDF file to virtual printer which can print XPS format file. It can also set parameters for the printer in the printing process. In this article, you will see how to use this application to make the conversion that you need.

At first, please free download VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line and extract the ZIP file to your computer disk. In the unzipped file folder, the executable file pdfprint.exe is the called program of this application. Please call it in MS-DOS interface when you run the conversion from PDF file to XPS.

There are two ways to make this conversion according to the command line that you input. If you can call the printer in command line, you don’t need to set default printer of your computer in advance. On the contrary, please set the printer which is able to print XPS file as the default printer, such as the default printer of Windows system Microsoft XPS Document Writer.

1. The command line template that you need to refer is

pdfprint.exe [options] [Options] <PDF Files>

The options that you need to use is –printer, –xres and –yres to realize the function that you need. If you don’t know how to write the command line, please see the following example:

pdfprint.exe –printer “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” –xres 600 –yres 600 C:\input.pdf

In the command line, –printer options is to call printer on your computer and please follow the printer name behind this option. –xres and –yres are to define the printer resolution.

2. If you don’t want to call printer in command line, please set default printer at first. Please open Printers and Faxes window in Start menu and then right click the printer that you need to click Set as default printer. Then please follow the command line like below one to write your own ones:

pdfprint.exe –xres 800 –yres 500 C:\test.pdf

When you run the command line by hitting Enter button on the keyboard, the saving window will pop up and please save the target file in this window.

In fact, this command line application is able to set more useful parameters for the printer in conversion process, if you are interested in it, welcome visit the homepage of VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line. If you want to download the free trail version, please click the following button.

free download VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line

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