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Watermarking PDF file for piracy

Question:I am preparing documentation in PDF format. I would like to reduce piracy of the documentation by watering the name of the purchaser on each page of the document. What is the simplest way to do that? How difficult is … Continue reading

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How to get a PDF to display in a web browser before it's fully downloaded?

Question:I have a client that's been struggling with slow loading PDF files on the web. My client has some very large PDF files that are almost 10 Mb. They take upwards of 3-4 minutes to download. The files will not … Continue reading

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Embed PDF on a webpage and prevent download

Question: Is there a way to embed a PDF document on a webpage without at the same time enabling download. If possible I would prefer GUI software solution if no other way is possible I'd go with something else. Does … Continue reading

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How to uncompress PDF without any issues?

Question: When we decompress an PDF file we get some strange output as shown in the image. (when PDF is opened in notepad++)We've tried to decompress this using several libs and tools which decompresses all the stream using zlib. All … Continue reading

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How to control orientation to output PDF file when convert HTML file to PDF file by htmltools.exe command line application?

Hello I will purchase your htmltool.exe (command line) it is a very good utility, I only one question: how can I convert a HTML file to pdf file, in landscape format ??I used option -width and -height , and not … Continue reading

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