Use HTML Print to Any Converter to print HTML files

We are using HTML2Any in order to print html documents.

In some cases, when the html is long, we encounter a problem - on the bottom of the page we see a line (an html table line) cut in the middle of the text and continue on the next page.

We think it might have to do with the fact that the margins in the HTML2Any tool are calculated in points which causes a "ruthless" cut of text.

If needed we can send you an html example.
Is there a way we can send the margins data to the tool in millimeters?
Is there any other solution we can use?

We would kindly appreciate your quick response.

Thank you,


Thanks for your message, yes, you may send a sample HTML file to us for test purpose, after we reproduced your problem in our system, we will figure out a solution to you asap.




Attached please find the problematic HTML.
line 2267 of the html(source) gets cut when printing.

Thank you


We have tried following command line,

html2any.exe -printtopdf D:\downloads\test_out.pdf D:\downloads\test.htm

it does convert your HTML file to PDF file, please look at converted PDF file from following URL,

will this PDF file okay to you?



We know that converting to PDF show the HTML correctly but we are interested of directly printing the HTML to the printer without converting it first to PDF.

Is it possible ?



Yes, this is possible, you can print the HTML to printer directly, for example,

html2any.exe -printer "YourPrinter" -paper 9 -marginleft 10 -margintop 10 -marginright 10 -marginbottom 10 D:\downloads\test.htm

"-paper 9" is using A4 paper, you can refer to more paper values from following web page,

You can set the margins when print the HTML file, this may make sure all HTML contents can be printed at the center of paper.

We hoping above command line will work fine to you, please give it a try.


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