Convert Russian text to ePub by command line

Question: Hi, I just purchased a Sony PRS600 E-reader and I am looking for a converter that could create ePub files that could read in Russian in the prs600.I don't mind if  it needs paying as long as it works!


Answer: According to your needs, maybe you can have a free trial of this software: VeryPDF PDF to ePub Converter. It can help you convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT, images, and HTML to ePub. Meanwhile for this software there is no language limitation. So by it, you can convert Russian text to ePub. In the following part, I will take a random Russian text file for example, to show you that how to convert it to epub by command line.

First, download software PDF to ePub Converter.

  • This software does not have software interface, it is the command line version. So if you are not familiar with command line, it does not fit for you.
  • It is zip package, after downloading, please unzip it to some folder. Then check the elements in it.
  • If you are new this software, please read readme.txt and webpage carefully.

Second, run the conversion from MS Dos Windows.

  • Take a random Russian text for example. The following snapshot is from the Russian text. And I will use the right image file as the cover for the output epub file. The cover can be any one of the following formats: JP(E)G, PNG, BMP, TIF(F).

 source Russian file and cover

  • Follow the usage of PDF to ePub Converter to do the conversion.

Usage: epubconverter [options] <input-file> [<epub-file>]
Example: epubconverter.exe -cover fashion.jpg input.txt output.epub
cover: set the cover of ePub file
epubconverter.exe -title Times -author "Sam Black" input.pdf output.epub 
-title: set the title of ePub file 
-author <string> : set the author of ePub file
-date <string>: set the creation date of ePub file
-language <string>: set the language of ePub file
-subject <string> : set the subject of ePub file

After conversion, you can use iTunes to transfer it to your Ipad, iPhone, Sony PRS600 E-reader  or other epub readers. Then you can read the self-made e-Book casually. The following snapshot is from the output epub file. Please have a check.

output epub file

According to this article, now maybe you have a rough idea about how to convert Russian text file to ePub by command line. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us by the ways supported on our contact us website.

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