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The PDF Analyze library/component allows you to determine the object types and colors used on one or more pages in a PDF file. Object types are:

  • images
  • text strings
  • strokes (lines)
  • fills (filled polygons)

Object type information can be used to detect image-only, text-only, and image-and-text PDF files.

You can extract following information from PDF files,

Text Node:

<text font=”Times-Bold” matrix=”12.96 0 0 12.96″>
    <g c=”U” x=”285.000″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”S” x=”294.357″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=” ” x=”301.563″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”M” x=”304.803″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”a” x=”317.037″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”r” x=”323.517″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”k” x=”329.271″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”e” x=”336.477″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”t” x=”342.231″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=” ” x=”346.547″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”S” x=”349.787″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”h” x=”356.993″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”a” x=”364.199″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”r” x=”370.679″ y=”603.6″ />
    <g c=”e” x=”376.433″ y=”603.6″ />

Fill Path Node:

<path fill=”evenodd”>
    <moveto x=”457″ y=”393.96″ />
    <lineto x=”492″ y=”393.96″ />
    <lineto x=”492″ y=”366.84″ />
    <lineto x=”457″ y=”366.84″ />
    <closepath />

Stroke Path Node:

<path fill=”stroke” cap=”1″ join=”0″ width=”0.84″ miter=”10″>
    <moveto x=”287.28″ y=”443.4″ />
    <lineto x=”293.04″ y=”443.4″ />
    <lineto x=”293.04″ y=”437.6″ />
    <lineto x=”287.28″ y=”437.6″ />
    <closepath />

Color information includes color spaces (DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK, Separation, etc.), as well as information on which process colors (CMYK) and/or custom colors (spot colors) are used.

Supported platforms:

  • Windows: DLL
  • Windows: COM component – usable from .NET, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.
  • Mac OS X: shared library
  • Linux: shared library
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions available for all platforms
  • other platforms: portable C++ source code for the library is available
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