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Hello, on of our customers asked a question that we could not answer about PDF bookmarking.  If we have a multi-page PDF for release and the PDF contains multiple sub-folders, can we release that PDF and have it bookmarked on each sub-section?  If so, how do we do that?
Sorry, we don't understand your meaning for the "PDF contains multiple sub-folders"? do you mean that one PDF file contain all image files which come from multiple sub-folders? If yes, you can add the bookmark for each page without any problem, please refer to following sample code,

void AddTIFFImage(long id)
char szImageFile[256];

//add bookmark
int parentBookmark = pVerySetFunction(id, Very_Set_BookMark, 0, 0,"bookmark one",0);
//get multi page tiff page nums
int pagenum=pVeryGetFunction(id,Very_Get_ImagePageCount,0,0,szImageFile,0);
//set multi page tiff convert
int beginpage=2;
int pagenums=2;

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