How to convert text file to PDF file from C#?

VeryPDF Free Text to PDF For the developer license, is this a com object? do you have examples? I need to convert text to pdf.

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Is there a com object I can call or is this strictly a command line utility?

PDF Editor Toolkit SDK Professional product is contain a COM interface to convert text files to PDF files, you may download the trial version from following web page to try,

You can call com_VeryAddTxt or VeryAddTxt method to convert text file to PDF file directly, for example,

Const Very_Set_Font = 106

Set pdfObj = CreateObject("pdfshell.shellexe")
'Create a PDF file
id = pdfObj.com_VeryCreate("D:\com_example.pdf")
FileName = "test.txt"
ret = pdfObj.com_VerySetFunction(id, Very_Set_Font, 200, 16, 0, 0)
ret = pdfObj.com_VeryAddTxt(id, FileName, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 64, 64, 64, 64, 4)
pdfObj.com_VeryClose (id)

You need launch a CMD window by administrator privilege, switch current folder to "pdf_editor_toolkit_pro\bin" folder, run following command line to register "pdfshell.shellexe" into your system,

pdfshell.exe /regserver

you can also run "installx64.bat" to install "pdfshell.shellexe" into your system, if you are using 32bit system, please run "installx32.bat" file, after that, you can call "pdfshell.shellexe" COM from your C# or VB.NET or other languages to convert text files to PDF files easily.

The following is a VC++ example, it may useful for you too,

int id=VeryOpen(“D:\\out.pdf”);
    VeryAddTxt(id, "D:\\in.txt",0,0,0,1,1,64,64,64,64,4);


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