Center pdf content of even number pages using command line

You must get trouble in editing numerous odd number and even number pages, Good news is coming, the designed the command line –u “even” or “odd” to edit the even number and odd number page uniformly. Now, you can center pdf content of even number pages by using Advanced PDF Tools Command Line to experience.

First, follow this link you will obtain this useful tool

do remember to extract it, for it is a zipped package.

Second, launch the MS-DOS command prompt window

steps are as follows:

start the dialog box of “cmd.exe”: press  “start”>choose “Run”>input “cmd”>press “ok”

when the following appears, you will have the MS-DOS command prompt window


Third, input the command to center pdf content of even number pages 

pdftools.exe -i “C:\input.pdf” -o “C:\output.pdf” -j “77% 88% true” –u “even”


  1. -i is to specify a PDF filename or a directory for input
  2. -o is to specify the PDF filename for output.
  3. -j “77% 88% true”, the first parameter means to set page content to 77% of the page width and the second parameter to 88% of the page height, and the third parameter is a Boolean type value to set whether to center on page,
  4. –u “even”: –u is to specify pages and “even”  refers to even number pages.

once the input is finished, press “enter”, you are allowed to see


Fourth, open the file to check, screenshots again


Pdf content of  the page 2, on behalf of the even number pages, is centered while page 1, on behalf of the odd number pages , is not. The below is all the pages of the output file, you can check the change of pdf content between even and odd number pages.


If you have any further needs on editing pdf file, you can visit at

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