Convert pcl to tiff and set color depth via command line?

TIFF is Acronym for tagged image file format, one of the most widely supported file formats for storing bit-mapped images on personal computers (both PCs and Macintosh computers). Other popular formats are BMP and PCX. TIFF graphics can be any resolution, and they can be black and white, gray-scaled, or color. Files in TIFF format often end with a .tif extension. Based on this concept, the offers you a quick way to convert pcl to tiff and set color depth by using PCL Converter command line.

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Input command line to convert pcl to tiff and set color depth

The way to input command line is pretty easy, the below series of screenshots will guide you.

Press  “start”

choose “Run”

input “cmd”

Press “enter”, you will have the command prompt window.

command prompt

Here goes the crucial step, making sure the command line you are going to input accurate.

pcltool.exe –bitcount 24  D:\in.pcl D:\out.tiff


  • D:\in.pcl is to specify a pcl filename or a directory for input,
  • D:\out.tiff is to specify the tiff file name for output,
  • –bitcount is to set color depth for image conversion, 24 means that 24 bits color.

    Once the inputting is done, press “enter”, you are allowed to see

    detailed operation of command line displayed in  command prompt window

    Open your file to check

    tiff file

    tiff file   

    The picture vividly demonstrate that you have  successfully convert pcl to tiff, and you are clear of the change of image color depth. In addition, you can use different parameters to set color depth according to your requirements.

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