How to convert MS Visio documents of vsd to tiff?

The current version, Microsoft Visio 2010 for Windows, is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and Premium. But no matter which version are you using is hard to be read without special reader. In this article, I will show you how to make this rare file format to common image file format, like vsd to tif. If you are interested in this topic, please read the following article.

I can convert vsd to tif in batch just in a few seconds. Maybe you can not help wonder what my winning magic weapon is. It is software named docPint whose formal name is Document Convert. As its name implies, it can convert all the printable document to image file format or PDF file. If you feel it will be helpful for you; maybe you can download its trial version to have a free trial.

In the following part, I will show you how to use it. You should better download it to you PC then you can know better for what I am talking about. If you use it in the following steps, you can save some time in the conversion from vsd to tif.

Step 1. Add files to converter.

Double click its icon on the desktop then you can enter its interface. You can put away the files needed converting in a folder and specify this folder to be monitored by docPint by clicking the button “file” on the top then go to “Monitor a special directory”. By this way, this directory will be monitored. Once you add file to this folder, it will be converted to corresponding file format.

Step 2. Do the setting.

Once you click the button “Setting” then you can enter a brand new menu option where you can find five sub menu labels. Only the first two of them will be helpful for the conversion from vsd to tif. In the first “Base setting” sub menu label, you can set the output file format as tiff in the dropdown list. In the second “Save image mode” sub menu label, you can edit the image resolution and color depth.

Step3. Run the conversion from vsd to tif.

This step can be finished by one-click on “Start” button. But you will be informed to choose a folder to save the converted files. Please give it three seconds to finish the task. After that you can use the converted tif with the content of vsd in the chosen folder.

This is the end of the conversion from vsd to tif, if you need to know you about this software or file formats conversion; you are welcome to email us at at any time. Thanks for your reading in advance.

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