How to make N-up Page PDF for N-up printing

With the help of VeryPDF PDF N-Up Maker (PDF Impose), you can make N-up page PDF or make PDF with N-up page per sheet for N-up printing.

N-up is to make N pages in one single sheet such as 2-up, 4-up, 8-up, 16-up, etc. N -up printing allows you to print two or four or more pages on single sheets of paper. You can create PDF with N-up page on one single sheet by VeryPDF PDF N-Up Maker (PDF Impose). It can not only combine multiple PDF pages into on PDF page, but also can set page order, amount, margin, size, etc. for the combined PDF pages.

Free download VeryPDF PDF N-Up Maker (PDF Impose) and install it on the computer as normal.

Just by following the steps below, you can successfully combine stick multiple PDF pages together for N-up printing.

Step 1. Add

Please double click the shortcut icon on the desktop to launch this application.(There should be s shortcut icon of this application on the desktop.) Then, please add PDF into the application by clicking button Add at top of the main interface and choosing the PDF file in the opened file picker window.

Step 2. Setting

On the main interface, you can set page order, page amount per page, gutter space and page margin for the made N-up page PDF.

  • To set page order, please check one of the radio boxes of “Horizontal”, “Vertical” , “Horizontal Reversed”, and “Vertical Reversed”.
  • To set the number of pages per page, please choose an option in the drop-down list in the drop-down list of “Pages per Sheet”. If you choose the last option —Custom in the drop-down list, you can input row number and column number to customize the pages per sheet.
  • To set gutter space between the combined pages, please input numbers in the “X” and “Y” edit boxes and choose unit in the corresponding drop-down list beside the edit boxes.
  • To set page margin, please input numbers in edit boxes of “Left”, “Right”, “Top” and “Bottom”, and choose unit in the corresponding drop-down list beside the edit boxes.

Please see it in the following snapshot.

make N-up page PDF for printing with VeryPDF PDF N-Up Maker(PDF Impose)

Step 3. Start

Please click button Choose on the right side of “Output Folder” edit box and then click button Start at top of the main interface to combine N-up PDF pages to one PDF page.

Several seconds later, you can see the created N-up page PDF in the specified folder.

The following snapshot is from the created 2-up page PDF.

created N-up page PDF

Note: The trial version will leave a red slash in the middle of the combined PDF pages. To remove the limitation, please buy the full version of VeryPDF PDF N-Up Maker(PDF Impose).

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