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Q: I have some reports in PDF format, these PDF files are contain tables, I want convert these PDF reports to plain text files and keep the column alignment in the text file, how can I do that?


A: VeryPDF has more products which can convert PDF reports to text files and Excel Spreadsheets, such as,

PDF to Text Converter,

PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line,

VeryPDF PDF to Excel Converter,

"PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line" is best software to convert from PDF reports to plain text files and keep the best columns in tables, you may download it from following web page to try,

For example,

This is a simple PDF file which contain a table and some columns,


We will run following command line in CMD window to convert this PDF file to a text file and keep table columns, "-table" option does align text columns to left alignment and right alignment automatically,

pdf2txtocr.exe -table D:\test.pdf D:\out.txt

The output text file will like below, as you see, the columns are aligned perfectly,


The following is another PDF report, this PDF report is contain a table with border lines,


We will run following command line to convert this PDF report to text file,

pdf2txtocr.exe -table D:\test.pdf D:\out.txt

The text columns in output text file are aligned perfectly,


You can download and try "PDF to Text OCR Converter Command Line" from our website directly, if you encounter any problem, please feel free to let us know, we will assist you asap,

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