How to call PDF to Image Converter from SaaS (- Software as as Service) platform?


I am interested in your product "PDF to Image Converter Command Line".
I offer a service which manipulates documents. I want to use your product as part of the jpg conversion.

I offer my service on my server (1 linux server) to different clients who will pay me a monthly fee (SaaS - Software as as Service). What kind of license do I need and how much is it?

Thank you very much in advance!

Thanks for your message, you have two options to buy our software,

1. You can buy "PDF to Image Converter Command Line for Linux" Server License, which cost is USD$299.95 per server, you can install it to your server and convert from PDF files to JPG files, you can buy this server license from our website directly,

2. You can buy VeryPDF Cloud API Platform from our website, VeryPDF Cloud API Platform is USD19.95 per month,

VeryPDF Cloud API Platform has more functions, it has also PDF to Image Converter Cloud API function, please look at following web page for more information,

You can use either option according to your requirements.


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