How to enable "High Resolution Printing" permission to password protected PDF files?

I am implementing the verypdf command line foe my customer by buying verypdf product specifically for encrypt pdf password via command line. The command line is called via sap abap programming. However, after encrypted pdf is generated the pdf document cannot be printed. It means the Print function in pdf is disabled. Please could you advise the parameter in command line that I should put it in in order to enable the printing for pdf after it is decrypted.

Additional information,

Each pdf file is encrypted the its individual password and after it is open and successfully. The pdf document cannot be printed because the print function is disabled. I tried to read your suggestion from verypdf encrypt command line product which I bought but I still do not understand how to put the right command line to enable the printing.

Please kindly urgently support because I have to go-live this project on next Monday.

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Thanks for your message, you may run following command line to encrypt PDF file and enable "High Resolution Printing" permission,

encryptpdf.exe -p -w OwnerPassword -e 128 -i D:\verypdf.pdf -o D:\EncryptPDFCmd.pdf


You will able to print encrypted PDF file properly with above command line.


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