How to add PKCS#11 certificates (eID certificate) to a PDF file?


I am testing free trial edition of this signing tool and I have few questions.

1. I found on your page that this tool supports PKCS#11 certificates (eID certificate) but I don't know how. I have imported certificates in MY store and when I list MY store I can see them (I can sign it with Adobe Reader for example), but when I try to sign with your tool it always writes "Certificate not found in store" (even I used the name in the -listcer . I tried with this VeryPDF certificate and the document is signed correctly. I expected that if I put cername in call it will ask for my PIN and then sign the document, right?

2. I tried to sign already signed document (for those documents that need signs from two different parties) and tool has issued information that "Input document must not be signed". Is it possible to sign documents with more than one signature?


VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature (Shell & COM & SDK),


Dear Customer,

1. You can import certificate to "MY store" in your system first, then you can use this certificate to sign PDF file by following command line,

pdfsecure.exe -cername "Certificate Name" -cerstore my D:\test.pdf D:\out.pdf

2. Sorry, you can not sign a PDF file with more than one signature, you have to remove the signature from your PDF file first, then you can re-sign the new PDF file again.

Thank you.


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