Does the VeryPDF software for stamping work for iOS?

H support team,

Does the very pdf software for stamping work for iOS? I guess it does.

Grateful If you confirm.

Thanks for your message, you can use "VeryPDF Free PDF Stamp Online" to stamp PDF files on the iOS system (iPhone and iPad), you may test it from this web page,

You may upload a PDF file from your local system, or enter a web URL for your online PDF file, you can enter watermark text, position, rotation, color, font name and font size, etc. options, then you will able to add stamp to your PDF file easily.

With "VeryPDF Free PDF Stamp Online", you can add image or text watermark to your PDF file easily online, it's free for you.

If you wish add both watermarks and DRM security options to your PDF files, you may use VeryPDF Cloud DocSafe online app from this web page,

VeryPDF Cloud DocSafe has powerful watermark options and DRM PDF protection options, for example, you can use it to add text, image, PDF and line stamps to your PDF files, you can also add more "control" options to your PDF files, such as, how many times for PDF opening? how many times for PDF printing? how long time for PDF viewing? Lock a PDF file to a special IP or a USB disk, Expire a PDF file after a date&time, and more functions.

VeryPDF Cloud DocSafe also supports watermark with opacity option, for example, you can add text, image, PDF template, line elements to PDF files with opacity feature.







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