How to combine several HTML files into one single PDF file?

I am interested in using/buying your HTML to PDF Converter. The exact product name I am interested in is named *VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line (htmltools)*.

The instructions are unclear to me. Could you please provide some sample code so that I could see how this works? I am trying to combine two local HTML files and 2 existing PDFs into a single PDF. The files need to be combined to one PDF in this order...


I would like for these to come out as a single PDF located at C:\PDFSample\Combined.pdf. Would I use code that looks like this, to run it from the command line?

"C:\HTMLToolsTest\htmltools.exe" -mergepdf "C:\PDFSample\File001.html" "C:\PDFSample\File002.pdf" "C:\PDFSample\File003.html" "C:\PDFSample\File004.pdf" "C:\PDFSample\Combined.pdf"

I have tried that code and it is not working for me. I am sure a sample will be helpful. Thank you.


Thanks for your message, you may run following command lines to combine two HTML files into one single PDF file,

"C:\HTMLToolsTest\htmltools.exe" -webkit "C:\PDFSample\File001.html" "C:\PDFSample\File001.pdf"

"C:\HTMLToolsTest\htmltools.exe" -webkit "C:\PDFSample\File002.html" "C:\PDFSample\File002.pdf"

"C:\HTMLToolsTest\htmltools.exe" -mergepdf "C:\PDFSample\File001.pdf" "C:\PDFSample\File002.pdf" "C:\PDFSample\File004.pdf" "C:\PDFSample\Combined.pdf"

With above command lines, you will able to combine several HTML files into one PDF file.


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