PDF to Image Component on x64 machine

I would like to check if the PDF2TIFFEx.dll able to support on x64 machine?
I tried to add them as references in visual studio 2010 premium edition, And it show this error message:
A reference to 'D:\PDF2TIFFEx.dll' could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible, and that it is a valid assembly or COM component.
Please advise.
PDF2TIFFEx.dll is the 32bit version of PDFExtractTIFF COM, you can call it from your 32bit EXE application without any problem.
However, the 64bit version of PDFExtractTIFF COM is ready, if you have purchased the PDFExtractTIFF COM product, please email to us your Order ID, we will send the 64bit version of PDFExtractTIFF COM to you shortly.

My colleague was recently in touch asking about a 64 bit version of the pdf2tiff converter. We are interested in upgrading to this 64 bit version. Our order number is XXXXXXXXXXXX.
Thanks for the information.

I am interested in evaluating the 64 bit version before we purchase. If I download the evaluation version from your web site, does this include the  64 bit COM component?
You can download the latest version of PDF2Image SDK from following URL,


latest version of PDF2Image SDK does contain the 64bit COM interface, you can use it by following steps,

1. Run "64bit-com-install.bat" or following command line to install PDF2ImageCOM.exe into your system, you need run it by administrator privilege,

PDF2ImageCOM.exe /regserver

2. You can use following 64bit code to test its capability,

    Dim oTest, nPageCount, nPageWidth, nPageHeight
    Set oTest = CreateObject("PDF2Image.CPDF2Image")
    m_strInputFileName = "C:\test.pdf"
    nPageCount = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageCount(m_strInputFileName)
    nPageWidth = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageWidth(m_strInputFileName, 1)
    nPageHeight = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageHeight(m_strInputFileName, 1)
    'Converter PDF file to TIFF file by DPI information
    oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverter m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1_tiffpack.tiff", "", "", 300, 300, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1
    oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverter m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1.emf", "", "", 300, 300, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1
    'Converter PDF file to TIFF file by page size information
    oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverterEx m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1_tiffpack_page_size.tiff", "", "", 1, nPageWidth, nPageHeight, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1

    MsgBox "Convert Success!"


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