VeryPDF-PCL Soft Fonts

Hi everybody at VeryPDF !

I supply hardware box for many sites that connects PCL
stream to PC.
Will user PCL soft fonts will work with VeryPDF-PCL

- VeryPDF - PCL to PDF
Will above accept soft fonts?

Yes, our PCL Converter does support Soft Fonts during PCL to PDF conversion,
that's no problem.

Can you confirm with me that soft fonts are supported, when the font is created in the .pcl file (ie. using the PCL commands to create and select the font.)

The file STAR2.PCL should have graphic characters printed from the font created in the file, instead it prints a default font with accented characters.

If you look inside the file, you will see the font creation, (Font ID's 13, and 14) but they never print.

Do you know what is going on?

This application may involve many users as we sell a hardware box to receive the .pcl from a print cable. We will recommend VeryPDF if we can figure out the problem above.


This PCL file is not contain the correct soft fonts, it is contain the bad download fonts, when we open this PCL file in a PCL Viewer application, we are get following error message,

Bad download font: Esc(9PEsc(s1p8224s32b8224T at byte 84
Ignored Unknown font format first of 2 at byte 65
Bad download font: Invalid character first of 326 at byte 168
Bad download font: Esc(8UEsc(s1p8224s32b8196T at byte 7917

It seems the fonts are wrong in your PCL file, can you please double check your PCL file carefully?

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