Convert existing PDF file a searchable PDF file and plain text file with OCR

and now we need help.
We would have from existing PDF files a readable PDF file
What are the correct string to convert this files???
Do we need 2 steps - convert from PDF to TIF and then from TIF to PDF_Readable?


Please HELP


You needn't convert PDF file to TIFF file first and convert TIFF file to PDF file again, you can simple run following command line to convert a scanned PDF file to searchable PDF file at one step,

pdfocrjb2.exe -ocr 1 D:\temp3\testfile_2.pdf D:\temp3\testfile_2_out.pdf

if your PDF file contains color pages, you can add "-autobitcount" parameter to process the color pages, pdfocrjb2.exe will skip OCR process for color pages automatically,

pdfocrjb2.exe -ocr 1 -autobitcount D:\temp3\testfile_2.pdf D:\temp3\testfile_2_out.pdf

pdfocrjb2.exe is work great for black and white TIFF&PDF files, for the color files, you should better convert them to black and white TIFF&PDF files first, if so, our OCR engine will recognize characters greatly in black and white image files.

some additional concern:
we also need to convert an image pdf into text format, how can that be done within one cmd line ,
i.e.  pdfocrjb2.exe -ocr 1 D:\temp3\testfile_2.pdf D:\temp3\testfile_2_out.txt  ?

Thanks for help!!!
You can use "-ocrtxt " to create a text file, for example,

pdfocrjb2.exe -ocr 1 -ocrtxt D:\temp3\testfile_2_out.txt D:\temp3\testfile_2.pdf D:\temp3\testfile_2_out.pdf

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