How to set bit depth when batch convert HTML to GIF?

VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line is one of the most effective and user friendly PDF converter you can use to renders web pages to multiple files like PDF files, and image files. Without depending on print drivers, VeryPDF HTML Converter can quickly convert HTML to GIF and other images files like JP2, TIFF, JPG, BMP, and JPEG. It also supports batch conversion, hence, you can use it to covert multiple HTML files to GIF file in batch.

GIF, the full name of which is Graphics Interchange Format,is an image format that is widely used on the internet. This format supports up to 8-bit. Moreover, it supports animations. Although restricted by the color limitation, GIF format is unsuitable for reproducing color photographs; it is well-suited for simpler images such as graphics or logos with solid areas of color. Hence, if you want to convert a webpage to a thumbnail, and use it as a logo, you can use VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line to convert HTML to GIF for you.

In order to set bit depth when converting HTML to GIF, you should first know which command should be used in the command line. Here, the command is -bitcount <int>, which can be used to set bit depth. As for this command, the parameter values should be 1, 8, and 24. This article will introduce a method on how to batch convert HTML to GIF. The following are the three steps that you should take to set bit depth when convert

1. Run the command prompt window

It will take four steps to run the command prompt window:

Click “Start”; > Click “Run” to open the “Run” dialog box; > In the “Run” dialog box, enter “cmd”; > Then click “OK” to open the command line prompt.


2. Enter a command line

Generally speaking, the command line to  set bit depth and batch convert HTML to GIF should be composed of four factors:

htmltools -bitcount <int> <HTML file> <GIF file>

  • htmltools refers to the executable file, which can be used to convert HTML to GIF.
  • -bitcount <int> is the command which can be employed to set color depth. The angle brackets are used to mark the essential content. int means integer.
  • <HTML file> represents the input HTML file.
  • <GIF file> refers to the output GIF file.

Now it’s your term to enter a command line in the command prompt window. Attention, you should enter the whole directories rather than only the names of the files in the command line. Taking the following command line as an example,

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -bitcount 8 D:\in\*.html D:\out\*.gif

  • D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe is the directory of the executable file htmltools.exe, which is always placed in the folder htmltools after it is decompressed. Here it is placed on disc D. You can change the directory, according to the real condition.
  • -bitcount 8 is the command wit 8-bit as the bit depth for the output GIF file. The number can be replaced by 24 or 1.
  • D:\in\*.html represents all the files in HTML formats in the folder called in on disk D.
  • D:\out\*.gif indicates that all the original files should be converted from HTML to the GIF files in the folder out on disk D.

3. Press “Enter”

As soon as you press the “Enter” key, VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line will start to convert HTML to GIF files in the color depth of 8-bit without delay.

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