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Do you have some pdf documents which need to be sent to many recipients? Do you have a tool which can help you send mails to multiple recipients at the same time? If not, please pay attention to VeryPDF Mailer which is a powerful application designed for sending pdf documents to a batch of people by recognizing the addresses from an excel document. It also allows you to add different kind of watermark or secure the pdf document.

This article will emphasize to show key features of the developing application VeryPDF Mailer. If you need to use this application, you can evaluate its functions to see whether they can meet your needs. If so, it will be the thing we hope. But if not, please tell us your gold opinions about this application such as how to improve or which kind of extra functions it needs to realize.

The key features of VeryPDF Mailer

Send multiple pdf documents to a batch of recipients one time

VeryPDF Mailer adds multiple PDF files as input documents and routes them to the correct recipients one time, which can saving your valuable time and increasing your productivity. The application will distribute hundreds or thousands of PDF documents with simplicity of sending multi-e-mail and you just need to select the input files and VeryPDF Mailer will help you do the rest work.

Recognize multiple recipient addresses from an excel document

If you have many recipient addresses saved in one excel document, you can input this document in VeryPDF Mailer and it will detect the recipient addresses automatically. But you need to tell VeryPDF Mailer the related column name of the excel document such as Recipients, BCC, Subject, Email Body, CC etc.

Add watermark to the mails

Before sending pdf documents in batches, you can add different kinds of watermark for the document like the company name and you can set the text font, size, color, location, etc. for the watermark.

Encrypt the pdf document

VeryPDF Mailer allows you to encrypt the outgoing pdf documents with open or owner password. You can use this application to set permissions for the pdf documents such as printing, copying, modifying, etc.

Email settings

VeryPDF Mailer uses either your current e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Internet E-mail server. If you use SMTP Protocol, you need to input the server that you take. You also need to input your user name and password of the authentication.

If you have something to say about VeryPDF Mailer now, please leave your words here. Or you can contact our support team any time. As long as your ideas are adopted by our software designers, you will be able to use this application free of charge.

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