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We bought a server license for one of our clients of your PDF to Image Converter SDK product…I can get you the purchase order number details (I don’t have access to that right now), but I just wanted to ask: is there a 64-bit compatible build of the SDK available?

We have a c#.net windows service that calls your SDK programmatically to convert PDFs to TIFFs.  Our windows service executable used to be built specifically with the x86-CPU setting (a 32-bit app), but recently we built our windows service executable with the AnyCPU build setting, so that on a 64-bit system, it will run as a 64-bit app.  However, now calling the VeryPDF SDK functions fails with the following error on initial registration of the license key:

System.BadImageFormatException: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B)
   at FIT.IPS.Business.VeryPdfImageConverter.PDFToImageSetCode(String lpRegcode)

I truly hope you have a 64-bit compatible build, since most new servers coming up are Windows Server 2008 64-bit and this will be a constant problem.  We have to build our windows service with the AnyCPU setting because otherwise, on a 64-bit system, it is not able to access other components which are only 64-bit on that machine, like the Microsoft Office IFilters etc.
Are you saying the PDF to Image COM server that comes up on the link you posted is 64-bit or 64-bit compatible?  We need this to continue working as a dll that we can load and call methods from in our c# windows service.  Is this COM server the same type of thing as the SDK dll version?  Do you have some examples of its usage?

pdf2image.dll is the 32bit DLL Library, you can call it from 32bit application,
PDF2ImageCOM.exe is a COM interface, you can call it from both 32bit and 64bit applications,

So, if you wish call PDF2Image SDK from your 64bit code, you need use PDF2ImageCOM.exe but not pdf2image.dll, you can call PDF2ImageCOM.exe by below example code,

    Dim oTest, nPageCount, nPageWidth, nPageHeight
    Set oTest = CreateObject("PDF2Image.CPDF2Image")
    m_strInputFileName = "C:\test.pdf"
    nPageCount = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageCount(m_strInputFileName)
    nPageWidth = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageWidth(m_strInputFileName, 1)
    nPageHeight = oTest.asp_PDFToImageGetPageHeight(m_strInputFileName, 1)
    'Converter PDF file to TIFF file by DPI information
    oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverter m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1_tiffpack.tiff", "", "", 300, 300, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1
    oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverter m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1.emf", "", "", 300, 300, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1
    'Converter PDF file to TIFF file by page size information
    oTest.asp_PDFToImageConverterEx m_strInputFileName, "C:\example1_tiffpack_page_size.tiff", "", "", 1,  nPageWidth, nPageHeight, 24, 32773, 70, 0, 1, -1, -1

    MsgBox "Convert Success!"

The upgrade URL that I sent to you in the last email is the latest version of PDF2Image SDK product, it is contain the PDF2ImageCOM.exe COM component, so you can call PDF2ImageCOM.exe from your 64bit code properly.


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