PDFcamp Printer does popup Save As dialog

I have used the new version 2.5 on several of my client installations and I am noticing a pattern that causes the program to revert to a "save as" dialog, evern though I initially set it to execute a program after writing the PDF to a predifined folder using a predefined name.
I think the following Registry keys are especially significant so I am including the values from on of the sections
It is important to point out that it often will work the first time (the program executes as intended),
This is happening with several installs and does not seem to isolated to Window & or Windows XP (it happens to both)
I can also furnish you with the Installshield program I use for installation if that would help.
Your predefined values are no problem.

Just for checking, what version of Windows system are you using? Is it 32bit or 64bit system?

You can also try to search "PDFcamp" keyword in registry, and set following values to each found item, and print your document to PDFcamp Printer again, I think you will get it work at this time,

AutomaticDirectory=C:\out.pdf   Type is: "REG_SZ"
AutomaticOutput=1               Type is: "REG_DWORD"
AutomaticValue=2                Type is: "REG_DWORD"
AutoView=0                      Type is: "REG_DWORD"


Thank you for the response
The comments below are from one of our clients:
We are a 32 bit Windows 7 and XP environment.
I will check these settings.
I have confirmed that these are the same settings we have.
They are found in:

Thank you

They are still experiencing the issue so there must be something else at work - our desire it to ALWAYS have the program execute (not have a save-as dialog pop up). Basically we are looking for a way to make this permanent for our installations.
Your assistance is appreciated.
Please open "C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\psdriver\config.ini" file, set "outlog=Yes",


Print a document to PDFcamp Printer Driver, you will see detailed log message in "C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\psdriver\setup.log" file, this log file will helpful for you to find out where is wrong quickly.

Thank you for the information.
In the Config.ini file I notice the following entries


The first 3 are of particular interest
We always print using the exact same path and filename
Assuming that 1 means "True" - should we set EmptyFileNameAfterPrinting to 0 and DisableSaveAsDialog to 1
(we never want to be asked the "save as" question)
Also, what is the significance of the UseLocalMachine=0? Does this refer to the Registry settings to use?

thanks again for your assistance
Thanks for your message, yes, you can always set EmptyFileNameAfterPrinting to 0 and DisableSaveAsDialog to 1, if so, you will not see SaveAs dialog anymore.

If you set UseLocalMachine=0, docPrint will read the options from "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\verypdf\pdfcamp" item,

if you set UseLocalMachine=1, docPrint will read the options from "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\verypdf\pdfcamp" item.


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