How do you use ZIP compression for image streams in PDF Printer?

If you have a PDF document which is needed to upload is 5.55mb. But the website will only allow you to upload files 5.0mb or less.
How can you make your pdf smaller and smaller?I think you can use “zip compression”function in PDFcamp Printer.

A ZIP file is simply a file filled with information, data or documents that have been through a compression process to minimize the size of the files making them quicker to download, easier to archive and more likely to be received via electronic mail because the compressed format takes up less storage space and uses fewer system resources.

The following pictures will help you to learn how to use ZIP compression when print documents to pdf files by using PDFcamp Printer,which is easy to master.

Step1.Click “file”—“print”—“properties”or use the hot key”Ctrl”+”P”.


Step2.In “Compression”,you will see three main option,”general”,”color/grayscale images”and “monochrome images”.There are two options in “general”,if you want to compress text and line art you can check it.If you want to zoom images automatically,you can check”auto zoom images”.If you want to zip color or grayscale images ,you can check “compress using”below it only.If you want to zip monochrome images,you can check “compress using”below it only.If you want to compress both,you can check two”compress using”.Then select “Zip”in dropdown box and click “OK”.


Step3.Save the new file in a location you like and name the file.Then click”save”.


You can see the new pdf file generated by PDFcamp Printer after zip compression.If the size of original document is big,you will find it will be smaller after printing.The new resulting file is 77.1kb while it is 743kb when not being compressed.

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