PPT to PDF Conversion Fail

do you have any idea why the conversion of the attached ppt file fails without any error message? Other files work fine.

This is the command used:
C:\PROGRA~2\DOCPRI~1.0\doc2pdf.exe -i "C:\filestorage\4ab3ded22db3349e11b8f6b4d7c4c9e9.ppt" -o "C:\filestorage\4ab3ded22db3349e11b8f6b4d7c4c9e9_.pdf"
Please open your PPT file in MS PowerPoint application, select and copy all items to a new blank PPT document, save to a new PPT file, then you can convert new PPT file to PDF file properly.
I have attached a new PPT file in attachment, you can convert attached PPT file to PDF file without any problem.

thanks for the info.

Do you have any suggestions why conversion fails with the original ppt?
Are there e.g. any settings when saving or editing the document that should be avoided?
We have to advice our users on how to create working ppts.

Thanks for your help!
We don’t know where is wrong in your original PPT file, we will try to research the problem in your original PPT document shortly, we will let you know after we have any finding on this problem.

Also, you can simple copy and paste all contents from your original PPT file to a new black PPT document, then you can convert the new PPT document to PDF file without any problem.

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