We want to convert pdf to tif and can it be compressed as packbits?

If you want to convert pdf to tif and compress tif as packbits, you should choose PDF To Image Converter v2.1 where there are many options for converting pdf to image and almost all compression format that offered for users. If you are interested in PDF To Image Converter v2.1, you can visit this page: https://www.verypdf.com/pdf2tif/index.htm#dl; to download PDF To Image Converter v2.1, click this link: https://www.verypdf.com/pdf2tif/pdf2image.exe.

Now that you mention compression format, here we should know how to judge whether tif is compressed or not according to tif tag:

Compression TAG
Tag = 259
Type = short

  • Value=1 no compression;
  • Value=2 CCITT Group 31;
  • Value=3 CITT Group 3 Fax T4;
  • Value=4 CITT Group 3 Fax T6;
  • Value=5 LZW;
  • Value=6 JPEG;
  • Value=32773 PackBits;

Here we start to introduce how to convert pdf to tif with packbits in PDF To Image Converter v2.1.

Step1. Preview your pdf with clicking open and check on it with preview icons(to print it, clickprint ).

Step2. Add its route into “PDF File”, you will see the number of pages in pdf under “Page Count”, which will make an effect in “Page range”.

Step3. Make your target file format as tif and select a folder for your tif in “Destination folder”.

Step4. To want to make your tif more suitable for printer, you can enlarge its dimension in “DPI” via setting greater value like 200 or 300.

Step5. To get all pages converted to tif, activate “Page range”, input 1 and 2 into “From” and “To” so that we can get the 1st and the 2nd pages converted for there are 2 pages in pdf file.

Step6. We think this step is the most important for you, you should click “Packbits” option, also there are lots of options for compression, such as CCITT G3, G4, LZW, JPEG and ClassF Fax File. To make all single tif in one file, click “Multiple page”.

Step7. Keep “Auto” in “Image bitcount” with no modification in “Quality”so that we can get the most colorful image in PDF To Image Converter v2.1(or you can select other options in this menu to get different result such as “8” that determine images to grayscale(click “Grayscale”) or not.

Step8. Convert your pdf to tif at last.


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