What is the reconstruction mode in VeryPDF PDF2PPT Converter? How can I use it?

Thanks for your support for VeryPDF PDF to PowerPoint Converter.  I will try to explain it to you by the most plainest language.

We can have a look a the effect after converting from PDF to PPT by choosing the reconstruction mode. Take “pdf-and-image-spam.pdf” for example. It shows in the PDF file like this.


Then I will convert it by PDF to PowerPoint Converter and choose “Exact reconstruction mode”. The picture shows like follows. It is not hard to find that each line’s position has been moved in the picture. But the pictures are still there.


“Exact reconstruction mode”, just as its name implies,relates to exactly reconstruction of the converted PDF file. If you choose this menu option, in the converted PPT file, the text boxes will be shown in very little units. You can choose any part of the PPT to edit. By this kind of text box, you can adjust the font, the character color and even the direction of the whole line. It could create many different kinds of versions with the same content. Say if your viewers are young persons, you can make it more mischievously. If your viewers are adults, you can adjust it more serious and scripted. Meanwhile, this function can also be used to correct PDF file. Say there is a very little mistake in the PDF file, you want to correct it accurately, this function is quite helpful.                                                                                            


As the pictures in the converted PDF file, compared with the two other options, there is not too many difference.  It also can not be edited but it could be used as background or extracted as a whole then the whole picture could be inserted as part of the PPT.

Notes: When you choose this option, the text can not be chosen as a whole. If you want to copy the whole to your paper or edit the whole, I am afraid this option is not your best choice.

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