How to convert pcl to pdf?

Pcl, printer command language, is a page description language. Pdf is abbreviated from portable document format. How to convert pcl files to pdf ones? The first thing you do maybe find a tool to implement convert operation. Verypdf pcl converter, which can change pcl print files to many format files, will be a great choice.

First, you can download it from this place,

Second, install it according to instructions the setup program gives. Run it, the following window will be seen.


If you have bought one, please enter your register code and hit “OK”. Then you can use it. If not, press “Try” and “OK” in the next dialogue box. The same window as the above will also turn up. Tips: This software can be tried for 50 times.

Third, add pcl print files to Verypdf pcl converter. Press the label “Add files”, choose the files you want to convert, and press OK.

Fourth, convert those pcl files. Hit the button “start” and a dialogue box named save as will be popped up. Enter the name of converted files in the box “file name”, choose the storage location, and press “OK”. The converter operators will be completed at this time.

Now, what you need to do is just to check it in the storage location.

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