How to convert HTML to ps?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language which is a markup language and totally different with the programming language. It is mainly used for describing web pages. When you need to show it using the format of image, how will you handle it? In this article, I will share my way for converting HTML to ps with you here.

I do the conversion from HTML to ps by software Document Converter which was designed to convert all the printable file to PDF files or image files. Even if you do the batch conversion, it can finish your task in a few seconds. If you are interested in this application, you can free download it to have a trail. Here is the link for you. If you need to know more about it, maybe you can visit its homage. In the following part, I will focus on how to do the conversion from HTML to ps by this application.

Download Document Converter.

Document Converter whose nick name is docPrint that has many version stated on its website. You can choose the right version for you. This application either can be accepted by CMD user or can provide service for GUI users. And it can be used at lest 20 times free. With it in hand, you can tackle a lot of file format conversion problems. Link is here for you to experience. Once you download it successfully, there will be an icon on the desktop. Double click it then you can enter its interface.

Run this application.

The detail operation of this application can be processed from the following four steps.

1.Do the setting part.

When you enter its interface, you will find that there is a button named “Setting” at the bottom of its interface. Click it then you can enter its menu options which are made up by five sub menu labels in which only two of them will be helpful for you. As we need to convert HTML to ps, we should set the output file format as ps in the dropdown list which you can find in a sub menu label named “Base setting”.

If you need to adjust the property of the image files, you can go to the sub menu label which is next to “Base setting”. In the “Save image mode”, you can adjust the image resolution and color depth. You can ignore other sub menu labels which are related with the PDF file format. If you have finished the setting part, you can back to its main interface by clicking the button “OK”.

2.Add files.

Please get all the files needed converting together or put them in a folder, then you can set the folder to be monitored. This step can be realized by pressing option “File” on the top then choose “Monitor a special directory” in the dropdown menu list. In the future, once you add files to this folder, they will be converted at once.

3.Start the conversion from HTML to ps.

Click the button “Start” to choose a folder to save the converted files. Then the conversion from HTML to ps will be run automatically. It will take three seconds to finish the conversion. Then you can get the converted ps files in the chosen folder.

This is the end of the conversion from HTML to ps. Thanks for your reading in advance.

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