How to get PDF metadata?

What PDF metadata is?

PDF metadata can be stored in a document information dictionary or as a metadata stream, sometimes both. A metadata stream can describe the entire document or an individual component of a document. Thus, multiple metadata streams may exist in a single document, making it difficult to find all of it. Metadata streams are stored in Adobe's XML based XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) format. Even if a PDF document is encrypted, the accompanying metadata is not required to be, and often is not, encrypted. The metadata (or parts of it) can be extracted with pdfinfo, a utility which is part of the xpdf package.(quoted from Wiki).

How can I get metadata from PDF file?

In the following part, I will share my way for extracting metadata from PDF file into text file.

  • Download software PDF Description Exporter Command Line. The downloading and trail are totally free.
  • Unzip it to your PC and call it like other command line software.
  • You’d better read its website carefully. Then you can know more about it.
  • Read its readme.text carefully, then you can know how to use it.

One example for getting metadata from PDF file.

pdftoolbox w.pdf -getinfo -outfile "_getinfo_out.txt"

In this conversion, we need to use parameter -getinfo which is for extracting statistics, metadata, bookmarks and page labels from input PDF file to the given output file. Followed parameter, you need to use parameter -outfile which is an order for specifying the output file.

Now let us do in in the MS Dos Windows.

called in MS

Now let us compare the  metadata in source PDF file and text file.

PDF metadata


This way can be used to get PDF metadata in batch. By this way, you can clearly know what your PDF files is about and when they have been modified without opening PDF files one by one.

If you ask that “How much is this software? And whether it has other functions?” Now allow to answer you one by one.  This software only has server version which allows you to under a whole sever. It charges 199$. If you need to know more others versions, please check on this website.  As to functions, this software is really powerful, it nearly can handle all kinds of PDF relationship. It can merge, split, encrypt, fill PDF form, edit PDF description information, and optimize PDF. It has many flexible options to implement various functions.

If you need to call it under Mac or Linux, this software also can satisfy all your needs. This software was developed by VeryPDF Software company, if you need to more about file format conversion, please visit its homepage. If you have any question, please contact us by the ways supported on this website.

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One Reply to “How to get PDF metadata?”

  1. If you are using Advanced PDF Tools Command Line application, you can run following two command lines to print the “Creator” only, for example,

    pdftools.exe -r -i D:\test.pdf > D:\temp\out.txt
    findstr Creator D:\temp\out.txt

    In general, you will get output like below,

    Creator : This is a creator in PDF file

    We hoping this solution will useful to you too.

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