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VeryPDF PDF Form Filler Cloud API and PDF Form Manager Cloud API are subset APIs of VeryPDF Cloud API Platform, they are provide Cloud API functions to export and import FDF form data from/to fillable PDF file, they can also able to flatten a fillable PDF file to an non-fillable PDF file.

VeryPDF Cloud API Platform Home Page:

灯泡 Export FDF data from a fillable PDF file

generate_fdf: Read form values from a fillable PDF file and generate a FDF file to include all form names and form values. If you are not familiar with FDF format, please look at following web page for more information,

Here is an example of FDF file,

If you don't know how to generate a FDF file, our PDF Form Filler GUI application may useful to you,

You can open a fillable PDF file in PDF Form Filler GUI application, fill data into some fields, click "Export Data" button on PDF page, then you can save to a FDF file,


This FDF file is supported by VeryPDF PDF Form Filler series products and Adobe Acrobat series products, e.g.,

  • VeryPDF PDF Form Filler GUI
  • VeryPDF PDF Form Filler SDK
  • VeryPDF PDF Form Filler OCX
  • VeryPDF PDF Form Filler Cloud API
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended
  • ......

OK, let's come back the VeryPDF PDF Form Filler Cloud API, you can use following URL to generate a FDF file from a fillable PDF file,

You will get a FDF file with above URL.

灯泡 Import FDF data into a fillable PDF file

fill_form: Fills the fillable PDF's form fields with the data from a FDF file or XFDF file.

If the input FDF file includes Rich Text formatted data in addition to plain text, then the Rich Text data is packed into the form fields as well as the plain text.  VeryPDF Form Filler Cloud API also sets a flag that cues Reader/Acrobat to generate new field appearances based on the Rich Text data.  So when the user opens the PDF, the viewer will create the Rich Text appearance on the spot.  If the user's PDF viewer does not support Rich Text, then the user will see the plain text data instead.  If you flatten this form before Acrobat has a chance to create (and save) new field appearances, then the plain text field data is what you'll see.

You can execute following URL to combine PDF and FDF files into one PDF file,

If you want fill the PDF forms with a FDF file and flatten PDF forms to a static PDF file at one time, just run following URL,

灯泡 Flatten a fillable PDF file to an non-fillable PDF file

action_flatten: Use this option to merge an input PDF's interactive form fields (and their data) with the PDF's pages. Only one input PDF may be given. Sometimes used with the fill_form operation.

More articles for VeryPDF Cloud API Platform,

If you need any other functions which are not included in VeryPDF Cloud API Platform, please feel free to let us know,

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