VeryPDF Docs Viewer (Free PDF Viewer Online) Toolbar Options, Show or hide buttons on toolbar

We have already introduce the toolbar options in VeryPDF Docs Viewer online application in this article,

VeryPDF has released Docs Viewer version 2 today, we name it Reader2 or Viewer2, you can look at an example of VeryPDF Docs Viewer2 (or Reader2) from following URL,

VeryPDF Docs Reader 2 is support all toolbar options which included in version 1, include:

1. Slidebar Button: Use nosidebar=1 to hide Slidebar button.
2. PageAction Buttons: Use nopageaction=1 to hide PageAction buttons.
3. ZoomArea Buttons: Use nozoom=1 to hide ZoomArea buttons.
4. FullScreen Button: Use nofullscreen=1 to hide FullScreen button
5. OpenFile Button: Use noopen=1 to hide OpenFile button.
6. Print Button: Use noprint=1 to hide Print button.
7. Download Button: Use nodownload=1 to hide Download button.
8. ViewBookmark Button: Use noviewbookmark=1 to hide ViewBookmark Button.
9. Full Toolbar: Use notoolbar=1 to hide Full Toolbar.

10. Find Button: Use nofind=1 to hide Find button. (New in Reader 2)
11. More Tools Button: Use nomoretools=1 to hide More Tools Button. (New in Reader 2)

HTML5 PDF Viewer URL is support following options,


If you wish hide all buttons on toolbar, you can use,

灯泡 Note:

Reader #1 and Reader #2 are using the different app URL, e.g.,

This is the APP URL for Reader #1,

This is the APP URL for Reader #2,

as you see, we have removed "viewer.html" filename in the reader2, this will make reader2 become more powerful and flexible compare to reader1.

URL examples for Reader2,

You can use insert VeryPDF Docs Viewer into a web page using iframe code, e.g.,

<iframe style="border:medium double rgb(250,0,255)" height="475" src="" width="600"></iframe>

<iframe style="border:medium double rgb(250,0,255)" height="475" src="
" width="600"></iframe>

This is an example of above iframe code,

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