Stitching together image files & Extracting Pages from PDF docs?

Question: My question has two related parts, 1)dealing with joining images together and 2)extracting a single page(s) from an existing larger PDF document..
1) Stitching: lets say for example, I scanned a form that is several pages long. I would like to email this form as one document (preferably PDF) keeping the pages in order. instead of sending a separate file for each page that is a tiff or mpeg..etc..How can I stitch these images together into one PDF file, or something similar?
2) Extracting. lets say I have a large PDF doc, (1000 pages) I need to extrapolate 10 specific pages to email to someone. Is there away to capture this and create a new PDF or similar doc. that only has these 10 pages? Is there a solution on VeryPDF?

Answer: According to your description, you need to merge images into one PDF and then send it to your clients. Meanwhile you also need a software which can help you extrapolate 10 specific pages from 1000 pages and then email to someone. Those two missions can not be done by one software. For the first mission, you can use Image to PDF converter to merge image to PDF. For the second mission, you can use PDF Split and Merge to extract pages from big PDF file.

Mission One--merge image to one PDF

  • When you need to merge image to PDF, please download Image to PDF Converter and install it. This software is GUI version, when installation finishes, there will be short-cut icon on desktop. Simply click it to launch this software.
  • After opening software interface, please drag all image files from its containing folder to software interface and then click Setting button to do the setting part. The following snapshot is from the setting menu option. Please make sure go to tab of Save Mode tab to choose option Combine image files into one PDF file. And then click button OK to back to the main interface.

choose setting menu option

  • Click button Make PDF, you can run the conversion. A few seconds later, you can get one PDF with all the image files you add.

Mission two-- extrapolate 10 specific pages from thousand pages.

  • When you need to extract page from PDF, please use PDF Split-Merge. Please use the same method to install this software.
  • The following snapshot is from the software interface, please have a check.


  • Please go to tab of Split PDF file like I showed in above snapshot. Click button Browse to add PDF file to software interface.
  • Please specify the page range that you need to extract page from PDF following examples. The extracted page could be continuous or non-continuous.
  • At last, please specify output folder and click button Run to extract page from PDF.

By those two software, I guess you can finish your tasks easily. During the using, if you have any question, please contact us as soon as possible.

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