How to linearize PDF files? How to Enable Fast Web View in a PDF file?


I have many pdf files and I want to automatically change their Fast Web View properties from No to Yes, to optimize pdf for web. Is it possible to do that using Batch PDF Editor Tool? If not, would you consider adding such a feature?


Thank you.
"Batch PDF Editor Tool" hasn't this function, we suggest you may try the "VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature Command Line" software,

after you download and unzip it to a folder, you can run following command line to linearize your PDF file,

pdfsecure.exe -perm -1 -linearize readme.pdf _out_linearize.pdf

You can also run following command line to batch linearize PDF files in D:\temp folder and put output PDF files to D:\out folder,

for %F in (D:\temp\*.pdf) do pdfsecure.exe -perm -1 -linearize "%F" "D:\out\_new_%~nF.pdf"

Please look at following web page for more information about DOS FOR Command option,

VeryPDF PDF Linearization Optimizer Command Line and Advanced PDF Tools Command Line have PDF Linearization function too,


You have an interesting product called "PDF Linearization Optimizer Command Line". I need a product to make my PDFs available for Fast Web View without changing any image compression or content elements. I downloaded your trial version but when I try to optimize my own test pdf, it says "fail" and does not linearize anything. The test PDF is sized 14 MB but I need verification that exactly files of such sizes will be linearized.

I already have software which pretends to linearize files and changes the linearization flag ("Fast Web View" = Yes in Acrobat) but does not actually make the file available for fast web view (the files are not downloaded gradually from the server). Therefore I want to test with a real-size file before I buy any software to do this.

The file that your command line application fails to linearize is here:


Please let me know why this file fails to linearize with your trial version and if your trial version is actually able to linearize such PDF files so that they will be available for fast web view.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, we will download and test your sample PDF file shortly.

In the meantime, I suggest you may download "VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature" from following web page to try, "VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature" has Linearization function too,

You can use "-linearize" to linearize PDF file,

-linearize : Optimize for the web (linearize)


pdfsecure.exe -cername "VeryPDF" -ownerpwd 456 -stringcrypt AES256 -streamcrypt AES256 -perm 0 -linearize D:\test.pdf D:\out.pdf

pdfsecure.exe -perm -1 -linearize D:\test.pdf D:\out.pdf

We hoping "VeryPDF PDF Security and Signature" will able to linearize your PDF file properly, please to try.

The latter application (PDF Security and Signature) seems to work but pdfopt.exe still does not.

Yes, we are using a new method to linearize the PDF files in "PDF Security and Signature Command Line" software, so you can always use "PDF Security and Signature Command Line" software to linearize your PDF files.


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