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Extracting EMF file from SPL file format

Is there a way to extract the EMF data portion from a .SPL file? From one of the customer site, we have received .SPL file for the particular issue which is failed. I found few viewers via google, but using them I was not able to extract the .EMF data from the .SPL file.

Any suggestion would be really appreciated.

Thanks and warm regards,

I found out the solution.

You can see this link for details and it triggered my thoughts.


Here, EMF data starts with "EMF", which is nothing but the indication of beginning of the EMF data for your page. In a .SPL file, there can be many same tags. This indicates that you have multiple pages in it.

As per the above link, before "EMF" we can see 41 bytes are available. I have kept them and removed other data before the first EMF occurrence. And it worked.

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How to extract text from .emf spool file?

Hi, I have an .emf spool file and I want to extract the data (text, images etc).
But how?

I know I have to use EMR_EXTTEXTOUTW or EMR_EXTTEXTOUTA, but I don't know how to use it..

Any help?
Text Extraction SDK (Extract ASCII text from PDF, Postscript, EPS, WMF, EMF)

The Text Extraction SDK harnesses the power of its proven engine to extract or strip text from PDF, PostScript and Windows Metafiles (WMF / EMF) files. This highly-flexible DLL or command-line interface generates ASCII text with placement, stripped ASCII text or an ASCII preview, a summary of the first few lines of the file. It can be used to feed web sites, indexing programs and content management systems. The intelligent configuration options offer extensive control over the resulting conversion using a .ini file. Entire files can be converted as easily as a range of pages or a single page. The  SDK requires just two calls to automate the conversion. Developers intending to distribute applications commercially, or to subscribers over the Internet, must purchase the appropriate CPU or Server License. It is easily integrated via a DLL or the command line, enabling its use in virtually any programming environment including Visual Basic, C/C++, Paradox, Delphi, ASP, .NET and more. It is licensed per application or project and includes 500 end-user runtimes or the right to run the resulting process on up to eight limited production servers each supporting conversion of up to 10,000 files per year. For redistribution beyond these limits, additional End-User Runtime Licenses are available. Lite and Unlimited Production Server licenses are also available.

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