Batch add metadata to a series of PDF’s via an XML file

I'm trying to find out if the Advanced PDF Tools v2.0 I purchased last week will allow me  to Batch add metadata to a series of PDF's via an XML file. If it will, I have an Excel spread sheet with the filename of several PDF's, along with unique criteria for several fields of meta data corresponding to each unique pdf file.  Assuming I get the fields customized to match the fieldname in my xls spreadsheet, can I convert the xls to an xml (if so, are there particular requirements for the xml format), AND can I batch import the xml so that it will locate each unique pdf, and IMPORT the unique metadata for each customized field ??  If this type of BATCH meta data import is possible through Advanced PDF Tools v2.0, can I get some kind of Instruction Sheet / Spec Sheet on how to do this, and how the XML must be formatted, etc.
Please advise.
PDF metadata has fixed format, after you installed Advanced PDF Tools v2.0 application, you can find an example of metadata file at following path,

"C:\Program Files\Advanced PDF Tools v2.0\metadata_test.xml"

Please refer to more information about metadata file format at following web pages,

if you are familiar with XMP format, you can convert from Excel document to XML format by yourself, this can be done easily.


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