How to edit PDF subjects by using the Advanced PDF Tools


       Right now if you are busy with your work, for example, you are busy with making the excel form or PDF file, and then there is a problem that you never meet. For example, your boss commands you to publish this PDF file today. And the requirement is that you need to change the subject to “the dress”. You may try many times to fix this problem but fail down for it. But the boss gives you a big pressure for this task. You try it with many methods but you can not handle this problem.

        Today I will recommend you the software the Advanced PDF Tools and tell you how to edit PDF subject by using the Advanced PDF Tools. It can fix this problem just a few minutes. Imagine what a amazing thing it is! You never worry about the task that you can not finish, because the Advanced PDF Tools can fix all PDF problems that office worker often met. Let’s come straight to the point.

     One step: double click the icon of the Advanced PDF Tools, of course this software you had installed in your computer. Then drag the PDF file icon in the Advanced PDF Tools procedures. For example, I will change readme.pdf this file subject.


   Then you will see the vertical buttons ( Title/subject/Author/keywords/CreatDate/modifyDate)

   You need to choose the subject and check the mark in it. Meanwhile you will see the grey bar turn into the light bar. Then input the subject name that you want to set into it. And click the button change and save the changed file.


        Two step:

        You save the file into your desktop and click the right-hand key, then click the horizontal menu button PDF you will see the changes about the subject. It becomes the dress. So you see it’s very easy to manipulate it.


       Please imagine if you own this software the Advanced PDF Tools, everything becomes so simple; you will never waste time for this kind of problem. You can save this hard time to drink your afternoon coffee and feel comfortable no pressure, just relax yourself, I believe you can spend a easiness and joyful working day in your office. Since the Advanced PDF Tools is so useful, I think every office worker ought to have this software. If you are very interested in the software the Advanced PDF Tools, I strongly recommend you go to this website: .This website has all kinds of software to satisfy your requirements.

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